About Suzanne Slate Palm Beach Gardens Realtor

The storyplot of Suzanne Slate
Fulfill Suzanne - What Perform There is a saying About Her?
Many people who know Suzanne say she always gets on her feet. This kind of is true because your woman has a new great deal of life-changing events.

The outcome of these is proof that Suzanne Standing perseveres where most other people gives up.

What Else Do They Claim?
They always say she has extremely smart and this your woman can accomplish anything your woman puts her mind to.

Beginner's Luck? Not rarely!
When she was at her 20s, she learned to play golf and after playing for around 3 months, Suzanne had the possibility to play in the Club Championship. This newbie golfer advanced to the championship fight. The first competition was against the reigning club champion for 5 years. She was an older woman and a veteran golfer in her 60s. It was a match play. The reigning champion did finally win but it was no easy task. Suzanne took her to the 18th before she finally beat her. The incumbent was astonished and in complete awe! This would not include to be the end of Suzanne's competitive accomplishments either. By 43 years of era and after her 1 / 3 child Suzanne made a decision to get in the best condition of her life. The lady hired a trainer and worked out hard. The girl told him she desired to perform a bodybuilding competition. This would encourage her to train harder and present her a real goal. 90 days and 25 pounds lighter, she went from 23% body fat to 4%. She won the Miss Palm beach state title and she came second in southern says.

A Personal Challenge
Suzanne's son was diagnosed with bone cancer at age group 9. Not only would she stand by his side in support but she read and familiarized herself to expert levels with the principles and practices of hematology and oncology. She found ways to fight this disease and develop additions to his protocol I maintained him alive. Vehicle using the same protocols in cancer treatments for other children. Her Ben is now 25 years old! Most youngsters diagnosed with this form of tumor never made it to adulthood.

Suzanne is an individual who bounces back with fierce perseverance. And with an charming smile on her face! She never says"poor myself. "

Working together with Suzanne Standing
You can depend on Suzanne to be somebody who is always loyal, fun, smart. Someone you want to be around. Her fellow colleagues count on her for support. The lady shares her success. She is always fair and always helpful. Essential other agents, even her competitors, enjoy working with her too.

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